Did I realize


Didn't I realize


Realization is serendipitous. Any effort to try to realize something pushes the realization away. Let your subconscious figure it out. It's good.

What's good?
If you understand that, you may also understand what value is.
If you understand that, you may also understand the meaning of life.


Many events in my life are humbling in that I suddenly realize ignorance. The unpredictable nature of realization is what keeps it just out of our reach.

Sure Realism

Read a story I wrote that got published.

And then it had been Raining


I write about philosophy, psychology, and economics. At the University of Alaska, Fairbanks I was paid to blog about Economics.
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Income elite


If we can understand the meanings of the words: "meaning" and "life", we may start to dissect the question into derivatives with more literal responses.

In what terms do we exist? All things that exist must have an effect on the space in which they exist. That is to say, in order to have existed, you must have done. I think, therefore I thought. I do, therefore I am.

What I Do

I have never been one to focus completely on one thing. I spend my time: Playing Guitar, Making Art, Writing Poetry, Playing Ultimate, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Biking, Solving Puzzles, Hacky Sacking, Speaking Italian, Speaking French, and more.

I Didn't Realize

I Didnt Realize is meant to be a place of positive affect. I sincerely mean to effect people in a way that makes them say, "I didn't Realize". Writing doesn't mean the same thing to everybody, so excuse me if I cross any lines. I don't want something I didn't realize I was saying to cause interference in your life. Instead of getting mad, let's try to understand what we're saying.


I didn't Realize's creator is named Corey Boiko, but he calls himself Corey Bo. I call myself beautiful, hell if I know why. Beau (Bo) in French means beautiful, but in Italian means "Hell if I know!". Interestingly enough, Italian for "church" is the same as French for "who is that?"

About Me

When I was a kid, I pondered, Would I become a dolt?
I can’t tell for sure if I was less then.
If someone can be lesser than.


I grew up in Seattle. I worked best when I had something important to do, which I was avoiding to do other things. I've always been active in this way. I would never have to wait to get somewhere, I would just find something to do where I WAS.


I was at the Nova Project, an alternative High-school where you worked for credit instead of grade, and called your teachers by first name. The program was very progressive. I was independently motivated to study.

I spent a year in Italy on exchange, where I was the only American for miles. I eventually became fluent in Italian, but communication wasn't a given. What you call something determines a rough idea of what it can represent, and how you feel about it. Names should promptly contain a reflection of what they represent.

Young Adult Life

I went to the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. I thought people were going to be much different than Seattle, but found them similar in many good ways. I was on a committee that chose concerts to come to the University. That was how I got introduced to a job making a website for the student government. These days, I spend most of my time at the computer.

After Life

The way I live my life is to try to maximize the effect I have on people. You exist as long as effects you have done on the world continue to affect. I'm doing what I can to be remembered for as long as possible.

Greater Effect

Do you think you have content that could be suitable for this site? Message me a sample of your work, and I'll consider adding you to the blog roll. In order to thrive, we must try to maximize the amount of effect we have on the world. Do you want to be able to communicate with somebody while not being present? Do it with I Didn't Realize

Let's Chat

Regardless of what you want to say, I'd be happy to discuss it with you. Don't feel like you can't reach out, unless you have work for me.


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