I Didn't Realize

Curious Stranger

Stepping on the crunchies
And crushing as I schlep,
Absorbed in each breath.

Where fall leaves stale,
I plant these stomps
going nowhere,
In particular.

Then I saw you
Stepping on
crunchies too,
Simple and true.
With all of you.

Stay playful,
Curious Stranger,
There's enough crunch
For the both of us.

Conditional Friendliness Obscured

I finally found a way
To tear my eyes away.
I read all day
in preparation.
I read, so that
When I go out,
Used to type,
My eyes blur
all kinds.

So smile,
to if
It is returned.

Hide and Short Term Seek

I forgot what I forgot,
but at least remember that.
Hold on, I think I got it.
I'm looking for my hat.
I left it around here,
but can't recall where.
I scratch my head, Eureka!
The hat was on my hair.
I need to get this down,
or forget again I fear.
I check for a pencil,
write behind my ear.
Instead I find glasses,
Out of sight for years!
Now I see it clearly,
no wait, it disappeared.
I forget if I forget,
Was I already here?

Foster Souls

I sold the one thing I should not,
Some thing I had not.
I traded nothing, in exchange for
writing my own life's script,
I was instantly granted
each and every wish.
Corrosively imagining
I had seen through the mist.

When I found out that
who I advocated was
what's in the details,
I stole the one thing I should,
What I had sold.
Since that meant
I'd steal nothing,
I got back my soul.

Spring Beginning

It had seemed so clear
when we stayed up all night
gazing into each other.
We crunched together
With comfy sweaters
through campus,
empty and serene,
stiffness still clinging
to still trees.
Winter was gradually
unfolding into spring.

Just before the sun rose,
my arms wrapped around her;
entwining our moves,
we privately regarded
A golden Flower

we loosely remarked
little nothings,
holding on for dear warmth.

Wasn't It

A girl met me in france, and
We got an empty beach at sunset!
Except it wasn't quite like that...
Trash littered the closing beach
Closest to downtown Marseilles.
Loud speakers played
something upbeat
Missing it's bass,
confusing it.

We stayed in after,
Caressing laughter.
The sky was obscured,
But wasn't it still like that?

Then I met a girl in france,
Reading the same book,
But it wasn't quite like that,
So my book became a cover...
It seemed I had picked up
Something mesmerizing
While browsing
a train station

I had an enticing
tale of desire and loss,
but was it fiction?

Self By Trial

Since I didn't have
the resolve to follow through
with who I'd love to be
or what I'd love to do,
I tried chasing women for love.
Then I clumsily stumbled into you
While committed to nothing,
nothing but commitment itself.
I was a love conundrum,
and you were not.
so we were,
and so we were not.

I started losing it,
finding my self alone;
stopped in my tracks,
I wished we were one.

Hay Stack

I preserved
her mind space,
a crystalizing cavern
in which we dwell.
In dreams I've sought her, well,
somewhat unsuccessfully.
An indistinct personality
distinguishes her
as partial entity.
She is fragmented,
a temporarily mistaken
figment of imagination.

Still, I attempt to retain
this lasting mirage;
Slumped, I remain
Grasping at straws.

This needle in the Hay
found me today.
Needless to say
when she smiled,
My feet glued.
I didn't realize
I'd be seeing
this you
this soon.
A nonchalant
chat later,
See you.
Could it be
that you thought
you got forgot by me?

no, you didn't,
and no I didn't.

Still, I attempt to retain
this lasting mirage;
Slumped, I remain
Grasping at straws.

A Cross Walk

There i stood,
Early in The fall,
cornered on this.

The white Man walking
signals cross
Whilst the red hand
Stops my steps.

This crossroads
is too much to bear.
This crosswalk
Calls up thoughts,
A concerning

is this not how
An empire rose?
flourishing until,
violently bruised,
it erodes?

Did I realize

I did

I Didn't realize?