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What changes between perceiving reality in one mental state, compared to another? I wrote this story from an experience I had.
And then it had been Raining

Sure, Realism

I vividly recall most of this happening. It's a surrealistic piece full of delusion and corrosion.
That Guy


At the University of Alaska, Fairbanks I was paid to blog. Check out one of my articles:
Income elite


Any concious effort you make to try to realize something extends the time it takes. Realization is serendipitously and instantaneously knowing. Like sleep, it comes quicker when you don't think about it.

I Didn't Realize

Did I realize

I did

I Didn't realize?


Web design

Looking for something custom which sets you apart from the crowd of people who take the easy way out? I create sites made specifically for you to be able to both have the great looking site that you want, as well as having something that you can build on.


I make words come alive with a mix of philosophy, realism, and madness. Many people are in a state of netflix overload. Are you having trouble finding writing that can take your attention away from binges on mindless programming which is designed to take care of all the imagination for you? I have just the writing for you.


I haven't been able to record the majority of songs that I've written, master it, and post it on the internet, but I did make a quick little recording that I mixed with one of my favorite poets reading a work.