Curious Stranger

Stepping on the crunchies
And crunching while I step,
Absorbed in each breath.

Where fall leaves stale,
I plant these stomps
going nowhere,
In particular.

Then I saw you
Stepping on
crunchies too,
Simple and true.
With all of you.

Stay playful,
Curious Stranger,
There's enough crunch
For the both of us.


short and sweet, my poems are gleaming,
Seeming discrete, unless you see
my full meaning.

Short Stories

I make words come alive with real life experiences of surreal delusion and dreams. I'm operating under the assumption that reality is stranger than fiction. That's why I only write from what I have experienced. Reading my stories, you can expect to be thrust into the position of a dreamer, mad man or both.


I made most of this music, or else it's relevent to the poetry and short stories I have posted here. I've been working on a project with some folks in Flarebanks called Fox and the Willow Walkers, We are now working on a setlist for recording, as most of our performances have been impromptu jams.

Did I realize

I did

I Didn't realize?!